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Duroflex - Endure

  • All sizes available, including custom & made to order sizes.  
  • Free Delivery & Installation

  • Old mattress removal

  • Best prices & Deals assured

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This Bonnell spring mattress with a plush pillow top construction is a delight to sleep on.

  • What makes NRG-40 avant-garde is the breakthrough QUBE Cell technology specially engineered by sleep scientists at Duroflex .

  • The Hyper soft foam with Heat Absorption technology this NASA certified space technology uses Phase Change Material by Outlast which proactively regulates body temperature throughout the night so that your body is neither too hot nor too cold. This proactive temperature management results in a cool, sweat- free and deeply beneficial sleep.

The natural sturdiness of the Bonnell spring combines with the 3-zoned layering of the Active NRG layer to provide the ultimate body support, optimal pressure distribution resulting in an enriched sleep experience.

  • The knitted fabric of Endure comes with anti-stress technology with aids in repelling negative ions in your body leaving it positively recharged.

On an Endure mattress you always wake up fully energised and ready to endure the demands of the day.

Specifications :

  • Size: King, Queen, Single, Twin

  • Brand: Duroflex

  • Warranty: 10 Years

  • Use: Single Side

  • Feel: Plush

  • Support: Good

  • Sleeper: Back, Stomach, Side

  • Finish: Pillow-top

  • User Weight: Below 85Kgs

  • Thickness: 6+2, 8+2

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