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Duroflex - Tatva

  • All sizes available, including custom & made to order sizes.  
  • Free Delivery & Installation

  • Old mattress removal

  • Best prices & Deals assured

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Tatva mattress combines the wholesome goodness of two natural elements, 100% natural pin core Latex Foam and high density coir. This combined with the resilience of the new age 3D Spacer Mesh makes the sleeping experience on Tatva a transcending experience.

  • 100% Natural Pin Core Latex Foam Manufactured from rubber sap, Latex is 100% natural, chemical free and has high elasticity. The pin core in the latex increases ventilation making it a cool surface.

  • High Density Coir High Density Coir layer packs firmness and provides natural ventilation and coolness to the mattress. It also provides ample back support.

  • 3D Spacer Mesh Made up of 3D Spacer Mesh with tightly interlocked grid made of microfilament polyester yarns, this layer adds to the firmness and resilience of the mattress.

Covered with Organic Cotton Fabric which is a Special fabric made with organically grown cotton.

  • The natural Latex keeps the mattress warm in the winters and cool during the summers.

  • The goodness of Pincore doesn’t stop there – it’s also got Zero Motion Transfer. This means that no matter what is happening on the other side of the mattress, the side on which you are sleeping stays undisturbed.

  • Experience steady air circulation through the millions of interconnected cells in the mattress, helps boost blood circulation and soothe muscles.

Adjusts to the body and its sleep patterns.Conforms naturally and gently to the weight and curves of the body to provide support to the spine and lower back.

  • The anti-microbial property of latex makes it allergy-free.

  • The high latex content and its even distribution ensure the mattress stays as good as new for years.

  • Reduces tossing and turning by supporting pressure points

Breathable, regenerates muscles and repairs skin. Hygienic – naturally anti-bacterial, dust mite resistant and hypo allergenica

Specifications :

Size: King, Queen, Single, Twin

Brand: Duroflex

Warranty: 10 Years

Use: Single Side

Feel: Firm

Support: Very Good

Sleeper: Stomach, Side, Back

Finish: Standard

User Weight: Anyone

Thickness: 6

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