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The Spine Theraphy from kurlon is a unique scientifically designed and developed therapeutic mattress.

  • An orthopaedic hospital approved mattress made of memory foam with bonded foam and quilted with memory foam.

  • The mattress supports body weight and gives optimal spine support and memory foam quilting (Visco Elastic Temperature Sensitive material) which closely follows the contours of your body sensing and shaping itself and significantly reduces stress.

  • It also ensures correct sleeping posture while improving blood circulation as the mattress distributes body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and enabling deep sleep.

The ZPP technology used abates localized pressure, revives blood circulation which helps to reduce back and neck pain.

Kurlon - Spine Theraphy

  • All sizes available, including custom & made to order sizes.  
  • Free Delivery & Installation

  • Old mattress removal

  • Best prices & Deals assured

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Specifications :

Size: King, Queen, Single, Twin

Brand: Kurl-On

Warranty: 7 Years

Use: Single Side

Feel: Firm

Support: Good

Sleeper: Back, Stomach, Side, Othpedic

Finish: Box top

User Weight: Any

Thickness: 6

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