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Sleepwell Laurel belongs to sleepwell’s high end luxury mattress range

  • It is made up of a Luxurious Pillow top layer containing Memory foam which senses and shapes its self to your body( Visco Elastic Temperature Sensitive Material), providing a complete body support including upper and lower back ,concentrating on the pressure points of the body and helps beat stress and fatigue and enhances deep sleep

  • The pillow top Memory layer is topped over a thick layer of High density coir and High resilience Flexi PU foam combination layer which provides superior back support.

It is covered in a premium knitted fabric quilted with memory foam and Flexi PU Foam on one side and Flexi PU Foam on the other side.

Sleepwell - Laural

  • All sizes available, including custom & made to order sizes.  
  • Free Delivery & Installation

  • Old mattress removal

  • Best prices & Deals assured

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Specifications :

Size: King, Queen, Single, Twin

Brand: Sleepwell

Warranty: 7 Years

Use: Single Side

Feel: Medium

Support: Very Good

Sleeper: Back, Stomach, Side

Finish: Pillow-top

User Weight: Anyone

Thickness: 6

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